Philosophy doctoral degree requirements programs

The Graduate Student Handbook and Program Requirements apply to all graduate students who are newly admitted to the program. For those graduate students who were admitted to the program prior to the Fall semester, the previous rules remain in effect.

The UB College of Arts and Sciences is committed to recruiting the very best PhD students and preparing doctoral students for career success. The equivalent of 24 courses beyond the BA including seminar, tutorial, and dissertation credit is required for the PhD. Students who have done previous graduate work elsewhere may have some of those credits transferred for the degree here.

Transfer credit is determined on an individual basis by the Director of Graduate Studies. The specific program of graduate study is determined in part by the individual student who, in cooperation with an assigned faculty advisor, plans course work and research, including the selection of special requirements and methods of evaluation appropriate to the student's interests.

The initial task of the advisor is to determine how the student will meet departmental requirements and whether the student is ready to select a field of specialization. Once central and peripheral areas of interest are determined, the student begins work through courses, seminars and tutorials. Courses outside the department are often appropriate additions to work in philosophy.

Ph.D. Degree Requirements

The advisor evaluates the progress of the student at the end of every second semester and presents the evaluation to the Director of Graduate Studies and the department's Progress and Evaluation Committee. After two years in the program, students are assessed by means of Qualifying Papers that are evaluated by the faculty as a whole.

During the first three years of the program, the student is expected to satisfy the department's minimum breadth requirements, the equivalent of seven courses. The dissertation is advised by a committee of three faculty members. This requirement varies and depends on the student's research area.

Lewis M. NOTE: Supporting materials must be submitted electronically, using the upload section near the bottom of the application. Faculty Research. Sample Areas of Faculty Research. Doctoral Program Requirements. Online Application - Click Here. Graduate Student Handbook. Apply now for Fall Admission. PhD Requirements.

philosophy doctoral degree requirements programs

Back to top. How to apply. What do philosophy PhDs do outside of academia? Versatile PhD.We use cookies to provide you with the best experience and to help improve our website. View Privacy Statement. The PhD portion consists of some additional coursework plus the writing and defense of a dissertation. To satisfy this requirement, a student must submit an extended writing sample.

A successful portfolio can be expected to consist of papers totaling around double-spaced pages, standard fonts and margins.

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These may be revisions of seminar papers. Each paper should present and defend a definite thesis and should be accessible to faculty members unfamiliar with the literature in question.

The papers in the portfolio need not be of publishable quality, but they must, collectively, demonstrate the specified skills. Students must include at least one paper on normative philosophy and at least one paper on non-normative philosophy. Portfolios will be evaluated by the entire graduate faculty of the Philosophy Department.

Each faculty member will read at least one paper from each portfolio, and each paper will be read by at least one faculty member. Michael Weber Chair meweber bgsu. Margy Deluca Graduate Secretary mdeluca bgsu. Skip to main content. View Privacy Statement Understood. Toggle high contrast. At least two seminars in value theory, and at least one in metaphysics and epistemology broadly construed.

At least one additional course, either in philosophy or in some cognate area d. A course to prepare students for teaching philosophy. An additional seminar in value theory, and an additional seminar in metaphysics and epistemology broadly construed b. An additional seminar in philosophy, if the requirement in 1.University of the Cumberlands has established the following qualitative and quantitative requirements for admission into the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration Degree Program.

A master's degree in a business-related field is preferred; however, applicants holding an undergraduate degree in a business area and a master's degree in a non-related area will be accepted. Applicants must have graduated from a regionally-accredited institution of higher education or an appropriately certified foreign institution approved and documented by director of the program.

Students may be accepted into the program before completing a master's degree but must have completed the degree before beginning coursework for the Doctor of Philosophy in Business program. Transfer and Course Credit Policy A maximum of fifteen semester hours of credit may be transferred from an accredited graduate institution with the approval of the Program Director and the Registrar.

Admission to our University is very competitive as well as selective and we review each application by the same standards. Skip to main content You are here: Home Academics Doctor of Philosophy in Business Admission Requirements. All applications for admission must be submitted to the Graduate Admissions Office. Transfer credits must be in courses equivalent to courses in the program All coursework offered for transfer credit must have been earned within the last five years prior to admission to the program Grades for transfer credits accepted into the program do not count in the program GPA.

Requirements Admission to our University is very competitive as well as selective and we review each application by the same standards. Application and Application Fee Official Transcripts must be received for all undergraduate and graduate coursework from regionally accredited colleges or universities directly from the issuing college or university Doctoral degree admission requires a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.

Any international course work complete must have official transcript evaluations completed and submitted to the University by the evaluation firm. Chat with uspowered by LiveChat.The Certificate requires five Philosophy classes 15 credits. More specific course requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog:. Up to 6 hours earned from other accredited institutions may be eligible for transfer credit. Formal approval must be obtained from the director of graduate studies and the Dean of the Graduate School.

Although students are not required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as a formal requirement of the program, they are expected to acquire competency in and use whatever languages they need to pursue their research interests. The Application for Degree is submitted on the form supplied by the Graduate School no later than the deadline specified in the University Calendar.

Skip to main content. More specific course requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog: Masters Loading Graduate Certificate Loading Transfer Credit Up to 6 hours earned from other accredited institutions may be eligible for transfer credit.

Language Requirement Although students are not required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language as a formal requirement of the program, they are expected to acquire competency in and use whatever languages they need to pursue their research interests.

Application for Degree The Application for Degree is submitted on the form supplied by the Graduate School no later than the deadline specified in the University Calendar.PhDs are awarded for programs across the whole breadth of academic fields.

Because it is an earned research degree, those studying for a PhD are usually required to produce original research that expands the boundaries of knowledge, normally in the form of a thesis or dissertation, and defend their work against experts in the field. The completion of a PhD is often a requirement for employment as a university professorresearcheror scientist in many fields. Those who teach at universities or work in academic, educational, or research fields are usually addressed by this title "professionally and socially in a salutation or conversation.

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It is, however, considered incorrect to use both the title and post-nominals at the same time. The specific requirements to earn a PhD degree vary considerably according to the country, institution, and time period, from entry-level research degrees to higher doctorates.

A student attaining this level may be granted a Candidate of Philosophy degree at some institutions or may be granted a master's degree en route to the doctoral degree. A PhD candidate must submit a project, thesis, or dissertation often consisting of a body of original academic research, which is in principle worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed journal. In the European Universities Association defined the "Salzburg Principles," 10 basic principles for third-cycle degrees doctorates within the Bologna Process.

philosophy doctoral degree requirements programs

In some countries like China and Japana recipient of doctorate in disciplines such as engineering and pharmacy where professional degrees for example, EngD and PharmD are usually awarded in the western countries, is called a PhD regardless.

It is not uncommon that the person's title or diploma be translated into English as PhD in that discipline.

Philosophy at Cambridge

In the context of the Doctor of Philosophy and other similarly titled degrees, the term "philosophy" does not refer to the field or academic discipline of philosophybut is used in a broader sense in accordance with its original Greek meaning, which is "love of wisdom.

The degree is abbreviated PhD sometimes Ph. In the universities of Medieval Europestudy was organized in four faculties: the basic faculty of arts, and the three higher faculties of theology, medicine, and law canon law and civil law.

All of these faculties awarded intermediate degrees bachelor of arts, of theology, of laws, of medicine and final degrees. The doctorates in the higher faculties were quite different from the current PhD degree in that they were awarded for advanced scholarship, not original research.

No dissertation or original work was required, only lengthy residency requirements and examinations.

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Besides these degrees, there was the licentiate. Originally this was a license to teach, awarded shortly before the award of the master's or doctoral degree by the diocese in which the university was located, but later it evolved into an academic degree in its own right, in particular in the continental universities.

Course requirements and schedule columbia university

According to Keith Allan Noblethe first doctoral degree was awarded in medieval Paris around In theory, the full course of studies might, for example, lead in succession to the degrees of Bachelor of ArtsLicentiate of ArtsMaster of Artsor Bachelor of MedicineLicentiate of Medicine, or Doctor of Medicinebut before the early modern era, many exceptions to this existed. Most students left the university without becoming masters of arts, whereas regulars members of monastic orders could skip the arts faculty entirely.

This situation changed in the early 19th century through the educational reforms in Germany, most strongly embodied in the model of the University of Berlinfounded and controlled by the Prussian government in The arts faculty, which in Germany was labelled the faculty of philosophy, started demanding contributions to research, [21] attested by a dissertation, for the award of their final degree, which was labelled Doctor of Philosophy abbreviated as Ph.A Doctor of Philosophy PhD is an internationally recognised graduate research program that will enable you to become an independent researcher.

With the guidance of an advisory team, you will undertake a research project and produce an 80,word thesis and complete an oral examination.

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A PhD will take you 3 to 4 years to complete full time and is intended to develop advanced research skills and knowledge in your chosen field. Your research project will be developed with advice from your advisors and allow you to develop discipline and broader research skills and knowledge.

The thesis is a substantial document that makes and original contribution to the field of research. You will need a strong academic background and you may need to submit a research proposal and other documents to support your application.

About 1, PhD candidates join UQ each year researching a wide range of topics.

philosophy doctoral degree requirements programs

Learn more about UQ's research impact. This supervisor will support, guide and mentor you through your research, and can introduce you to professional networks that will start your career. Search terms. Learn more about the 3MT.

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UQ offers a range of development opportunities via the Career Development Framework CDF to help you develop portable skills for any career or industry. Learn more about the CDF. Keeping my scientific and translational skills broad has allowed me to adapt to different environments and opportunities throughout my career.


Select where you studied and your qualification to see the GPA you need to be considered for this program. Minimum English language proficiency requirements apply, please refer to the English proficiency policy. International students who are accepted into full-time study in the Doctor of Philosophy are eligible to apply for an Australian Student visa subclass There are a number of requirements you must satisfy before a visa is granted, including the genuine temporary entrant GTE requirement.

Learn more about student visas. You need to demonstrate some research experience to be accepted into a PhD. If you can show you have planned and written a research project with some independence, you have enough experience to apply. We will consider a combination of research projects from academia or industry, and also creative works and criticism.

Find out what we accept as relevant research experience. Many departments will have additional entry requirements and may request documents to support your application, such as a research proposal. You should discuss these additional requirements with your potential thesis supervisor. There are a few ways you can meet our English language requirements. If you sit a test, the following scores are needed for PhD admission:.

Throughout the year we advertise a range of other research scholarships, including top-up scholarships, travel grants and external scholarships, including:. You can apply for many scholarships using the same form as your PhD application.

External scholarships might have different ways to apply. Our Scholarships website explains how to apply for each scholarship. If you are applying for a non-UQ scholarship, outcome dates may vary.

View all HDR scholarships. Tuition fees for the Doctor of Philosophy vary according to your academic field and attendance mode. View the HDR fees table for more information.

Tuition fees need to be paid each research quarter.

Doctor of Philosophy

Identify a researcher with relevant expertise and get agreement to support your PhD and project. They may request documents to support your application, such as a research proposal.Syracuse University offers programs leading to the M.

Studies in the Ph. Program are designed to prepare students to make original contributions in philosophy and to teach at the college or university level. Studies in the M. Program are designed to enhance a student's understanding and expertise in some aspects of philosophy. The curriculum of the department provides opportunities for concentrations in metaphysics, epistemology, the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind, ethics, political philosophy, and the history of philosophy.

Considerable curricular resources, both within the philosophy department and in related departments, also provide for concentrations in which religion, psychology, law, continental philosophy and language and linguistics are the focus of philosophical interest.

The degree programs reflect the view that proper graduate education in philosophy includes both the study of the history of philosophy and the examination of current philosophical issues. Application deadline January 1 to be considered for funding; late applications considered until March 1. Do not send application materials to the department, send all materials to the Graduate School Admissions directly.

Writing samples must be prepared in a way that facilitates our evaluating them via anonymous review. Please ensure that your writing sample satisfies the following criteria:. However, teaching assistants and University Fellows receive grants for their full tuition.

In most cases we do not recommend that students enroll in our Ph. Syracuse University's financial support for doctoral students includes tuition scholarships, teaching assistantships in philosophy and occasionally in other departmentsand University Fellowships.

All of our teaching assistants and University Fellows receive grants for their full tuition. All graduate students receive some basic health services from the Syracuse University Health Center. Please see the Human Resources website for further information on Employee Benefits. The Department strongly encourages graduate student participation in professional conferences, and some travel funds are provided to graduate students to make such activity possible.

Here is a list of Recurring Philosophy Conferences. The Department is usually able to provide small summer research grants to a few graduate students. Special funds normally make it possible to offer a colloquium featuring a speaker selected by the graduate students.